State Income Tax Return

Filing State Taxes Return Online

Each and every state of the United States of America has the right to impose its own income tax rules. There are some states that levy income tax while there are some that do not charge at all. Thus in some states it is necessary to file state income tax return. If the state is not charging any income tax it does not mean that there are no other taxes. State Income Tax Return is levied by 41 states. The personal income is not taxed in seven states namely Florida, South Dakota, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Texas, and Wyoming. The state income tax return in 35 states is based on the federal income tax. If the income tax is absent, it does not mean that the tax burden is less.

Filing the state income tax return

There are mainly two ways of filing the state tax returns; one is online and the other is offline. For the computer literate the online method is very easy and simple because it is as good as data entry. On the other hand the offline method to file state tax return requires the applicant to fill up the form with pen. The online method to file state income tax return is much faster than the offline method. Some of the parents help their children at to file state tax return. These parents should realize the fact that one or the other day the child will grow up to be an adult and will have to file state tax return by self.

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Benefits of online filing of state tax returns

  • The online form is much easier to fill than the offline form. The data needs to be entered with the help of keyboard. It is just like typing. On the contrary in case of offline form one has to be specific with the color of the ink and filling all details in the form with capital letters (upper case)
  • In the offline form, once a mistake is done it either will go unnoticed or will lead to scribbling. If the mistake goes unnoticed then it could again either snowball into a permanent mistake and / or invite penalty from the tax department for giving wrong information. If any detail is remaining, the software brings it to the notice of the applicant. Most of the mistakes are brought to the notice of the applicant almost instantaneously.
  • The online filing of State Tax Return is more accurate than the offline alternative because all the calculations have to be done by the applicant. The online process is systematic without any possibility of the documents being misplaced or lost.
  • The online filing of the state tax return can be done in any part of the day from any computer terminal that is connected with the internet.
  • With the help of online filing of the state tax return, alternative one can even borrow some extra time for filing the tax returns. This is not possible in case of offline forms.
  • The status of refund can be accessed within 48 to 72 hours. In case of offline forms, this can take weeks.
  • The online option is eco-friendly because hardly any paper is used. This leads to conservation of energy as well.
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