e-File Tax Return Filing - File Tax Return Electronically

When every business and transaction is becoming online through the internet, the process of filing tax return has now become an online process just dependent on the internet. Now one can file tax return online through the internet. Filing tax returns this way is called E-File Tax Return. Before the advent of the internet a tax payer had to file tax return in person. With the help of EFile Tax Return one can directly pay the tax to the IRS.

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Some of the advantages of E-File Tax Return are as follows.

It is quick, easy and smart way of filing tax returns.
The cost can be decreased. The tax software is web based and is accessible from anywhere. Free use of company tax software is possible. The company may charge something if one wants to efile tax return. Use of paid tax preparer turns out to be very expensive.
The tax software is web based. The tax software can be accessed anywhere where there is internet connection. It is not only portable but does not need to install or download any software. The process of filing tax returns is step by step process. One can verify the calculation too. One does not go to the post office to file income tax return. One can allow electronic transfer of funds too.
In case of paper forms it usually takes 10 hours. On the contrary in the case of electronic tax return it hardly takes an hour to complete the filing of EFile Tax Return. Thus EFile Tax Return saves a lot of time.
The tax refund received through filing EFile Tax Return is in a very short time. When we file income tax return in the paper form the refund takes 3 to 6 weeks. On the other hand in case of EFile Tax Return it takes 9 to 15 days. This makes it obvious that the EFile Tax Return is more effective than the paper form.
The probability of mistakes is reduced drastically if E-File tax software is used. The details in the E-file form are asked in a very simple language. The entries are checked for accuracy. If there is any thing wrong, the applicant is notified about it through an electronic message. In case of paper forms if there is any mistake, it could invite penalty from the IRS and the payments could be misapplied.
Use of efile tax return is eco friendly because it does not require any paper. Moreover it consumes less energy and saves resources. Thus this helps in conservation of energy.
The confirmation of efile tax return is received within 48 hours. This is not possible when the taxpayer files tax return through paper form. Moreover the E-file is secured. The E-file once submitted directly reaches the concerned person. In case of paper form there are chances of the file being mishandled by the courier. There are also chances of the file being misplaced in the office.
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